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Commercial Paving

High-Quality Commercial Paving Work

Quality is our trademark at Precision Paving. There are a lot of commercial paving companies out there, but Precision stands out above the rest. The reason for that is our commitment to top-quality blacktop and customer service.

We take pride in our work. A large part of our business is referrals from recent jobs. We want to give you a parking lot or driveway you are proud of, and your customers and neighboring businesses will notice.

Types of Projects

No job is too big or too small. We have done single parking spot jobs for entire complexes. We have done a simple driveway to a small business, as well as huge municipal projects.

Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths. We will work with you to get the commercial paving you need for your business. We also paint parking and traffic lines, if you need them.

An Affordable Eco-Friendly Paving Option

Our fresh blacktop is of the highest quality. However, there is an economical alternative for large spaces, or if budget is a concern. Reclaimed (or recycled) asphalt is ground up and spread over your parking lot or drive.

It is not as clean or durable as new asphalt but provides a great, inexpensive choice far better than dirt or gravel. If you do lay down reclaimed asphalt, it makes it easier and less expensive to fully pave later if you choose to. It is also an eco-friendly choice since it uses recycled material.

Sidewalk & Curb Paving

Another service we offer is sidewalk and curb building. We have done extensive stretches of sidewalks and curbs for large municipal projects. If your facility needs new or repaired walkways, sidewalks, or curbs, we can help. Build an exterior of your business that you can be proud of.

Our Maine Service Area Around Bangor

Precision Paving’s service area is 100 miles around Bangor. We are based in Bangor but have done extensive commercial paving in Waterville, Guilford, Calais, and Ellsworth, to name a few. We are proud to serve a large area of central Maine.

Experienced Commercial Paving Crew

Our crew has been together for almost 20 years. Many employees have been with us since the company was formed in 1996. We are a tight-knit, experienced crew that cares about customer satisfaction. Quality and loyalty are the building blocks of our business. That’s why we have so many lifelong customers.

Free Estimates & Outstanding Service

Precision Paving offers free estimates for all commercial paving projects, no matter how big or small. We will come to your place of business at your convenience to do an estimate for your project. Once we have completed your project, we stand behind our work 100%. If anything is wrong, we will fix it. We aren’t happy until you’re happy.